Chelsea Flower Show

Posted on 05 August 2016


I was asked to Make 2 compost bins for Ann-Marie Powells official RHS Garden at Chelsea Flower show this year. This was a lovely project to do involving one of my favourite techniques, the rope coil weave plus incorporating copper into the weave which was new for me. All the willow used in these were from my willlow bed which was a nice touch. It really shows off the array of willow variaties which are available to grow and buy. The weave has been broken up by sections of packing and randing to create texture with the different levels of weave and also to add more interest to the work. 

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Standard shoppers

Posted on 08 May 2016


Recently I've been playing around with sizes trying to come up with pleasing and useful dimensions which I can standardize. For me, using dimensions in basketry is key to everything. The very best makers through the years all have either a natural eye or are very consciously making baskets at 'specified' size with the handle at 'specified' height etc. This all leads to more aesthetically pleasing work.

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Baby's Crib

Posted on 07 April 2015


This is my take on the Baby's Cradle designed by Basketmaker Archie Coates from Gloucestershire......

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