Baby's Crib

Posted on 07 April 2015


Archie was commissioned by the Government around the 1960's to design a Cradle to be used by all service personnel who needed one, and this is the design he came up with. His measurements are slightly different & he made his with Buff willow (orange) but the weave looks the same. Its the subtleties he created that make it. It slightly raises at the foot of the basket giving it a lovely shape & also comes in slightly in the middle which also adds to the form. If you wish to see Archies Crib theres a picture of it in Dorothy Wrights 'The Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry' on page 57.

Archie passed away many years ago before my time, what a pleasure it would have been to meet him. He was a basketmaker who took the care in his work to make great baskets the norm. 

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